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At Legacy Auto Credit, we specialize in rebuilding our client's credit through low-interest car loans.

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Improve your Credit Score

Our goal is to transform our clients’ financial lives by improving their credit scores, allowing lenders and credit card companies to consider them low-risk. We achieve this goal by getting our clients into the right vehicle to restore their credit score.

Legacy Auto Credit offers:

  • Low-kilometre vehicles, so you can drive a reliable vehicle and make low payments
  • Industry-leading auto loan rates — we’ll never charge you 20-30% rates like other creditors
  • 2-5 year term options
  • Reports to Equifax, to ensure that your credit rating improves over the term
  • Detailed plans to help you rebuild your credit
  • Partnerships with dealer groups, to provide you with a large selection of vehicles to meet your needs
  • Expert staff to help with debt-restructuring through proposals and bankruptcy
  • Multi-point vehicle inspections, to help reduce the chance of unexpected repair costs
  • 30 Day Exchange
  • Free Delivery


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  • My husband and I had an amazing experience dealing with Vic, and legacy auto credit. Helping us understand how credit reports work and how to improve it, and made us feel confident!

    Jennifer Boehm

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  • Victor was amazing! He was very thorough explain everything I needed to know and answered any questions that I had. He definitely went above and beyond to get me another vehicle. I would highly recommend going to see him if you are looking for another vehicle.

    Yvonne Phillips

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  • Vic was fantastic in getting me a car that I love and is reliable. If I could give more than 5 stars I would, he worked very well with my income as well!

    Madison Wilson

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  • Vic was amazing to deal with excellent communication through the entire process. Walked me step by step putting me into a car that was right for me! Thanks for all your help

    Carrie Wilson

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  • By far the best experience ive had buying a car was from this place! Everyone is very helpfulf! Vic was great with communication and keeping us up to date on the process and got us a car we wanted quickly without problems! Would definitely come back again

    Dylan Gouveia

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Can I get a car loan after a repossession?

Yes, at Legacy Auto Credit we understand that a repossession is usually the result of an uncontrollable event or situation. Many of our clients have had a previous repossession or will be returning their vehicle to the bank when filing a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Will this help me build my credit?

Yes, if you make your payments on time.  Legacy Auto Credit reports your payment history to Equifax monthly.  Over time with on time payments your score will increase.

What is In-House Financing/Leasing?

At Legacy Auto Credit we provide In-House Financing/Leasing.  This means that we provide the funds and then you pay us back.  We can look at your credit situation on a personal level and determine your ability to make payments even if you have bad credit.  We make the final decision on the approval which results in more approvals and better rates.  Our interest rates for Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy customers start at 7.99% oac on new cars.

What if I have been turned down before?

We see many people that have been previously turned down due to several reasons which have included, poor payment history, not enough time on the job, too much debt and non-garnishable income.   With our In-House program we look at your income, expenses and debts that would be causing the turn downs and provide you with solutions to get you driving and rebuilding your credit.

If I have filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, can I still qualify?

Yes, at Legacy Auto Credit our In-House program was created for bankruptcy and consumer proposal customers.  If you are about to file or have already filed and are not discharged, you can still qualify for our low rate in-house program.  We work with several trustees who see that we truly offer low rates and want you to succeed in rebuilding your credit.  If you are about to file we will work with you to secure a vehicle before filing so that you can be confident in returning your current vehicle that has too much negative equity, has too high of payment or doesn’t suite your needs anymore.  We also report your payments to Equifax which will help re-establish your credit score.

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