Warranty Program

Mechanical breakdowns are disruptive, expensive and stressful. Protect your budget and credit rating by insisting on a trusted, fully-insured, warranty.



Credit Protection Program

Protection from the Unexpected.
Something unexpected happens to you, such as health / disability or job loss, depending on your coverage SECURE DRIVE covers your payments.

Credit Protection

Did you know over 39% of traded vehicles have negative equity, meaning what you owe on your vehicle is more than what the vehicle is now worth? It can take up to 6 years before a loan does not carry negative equity.  In addition, your insurer may only pay the fair market value of your vehicle. In the event of a vehicle loss, VLPP provides an in-store loyalty credit that can be redeemed at your selling dealer. Whether you finance, lease, or pay cash for your vehicle, with VLPP, getting back into a replacement vehicle just got easier.