Vehicle Financing

We make it easy to get a new vehicle!

In-House Program​

Tailored for people with Credit Challenges, Consumer Proposals, and Bankruptcy.


Our In-House program is built specifically for people who are dealing with credit issues that have required them to file a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. We also assist people that have no credit rating or a damaged credit rating due to missed payments, repossession or judgments.

Prime Rate Program​

Assistance for people who have rebuilt their credit and are ready for Prime Rate Lenders.


At Legacy Auto Credit our focus is to get all of our customers back to Prime Rate Banking. We work with a number of Prime Rate Lenders to get you the best interest rate on new or used vehicles. We help ensure that you get Preferred Pricing through our Affiliate Dealerships.

Credit Helpers

We have our Credit Helpers program, to help you understand credit and provide debt solutions to assist in getting approved for an affordable car loan.


A FREE debt consultation will be provided by Jim Ferguson our Credit Helpers counselor to review your current debt situation and provide options to deal with it.