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The Surprising Joy of Setting Goals.

Money is FREEDOM Can you imagine how free you would feel if you had $100,000? How about $1,000,000? In contrast, if you have nothing in the bank, even if you are working, you are trapped. I once counselled a couple with a mortgage, two cars

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What is the most common money mistake?

Have you ever had a friend, in an honest effort to help you, give you some advice that is so obvious that you felt almost insulted? Well you are going to feel that way again now.   One of the most common money mistakes is

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The Seven Ways of Dealing with Debt

Budgeting and paying in full with interest You can try to pay off your debt by budgeting and making more than the minimum payments. If your debt is higher than $10,000 it will be a serious, time consuming, and expensive process unless your income is

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The Dirty Word “Budget”

I never liked the word “budget”. It has attained all the unpleasantness of the word “diet”.People feel a budget is a spending diet full of unnatural sacrifice and unhappiness.   I prefer to look at it differently.   Have you ever noticed small children when

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Consumer Proposal & Bankruptcy We Can Help

Clients are typically referred to Legacy Auto Credit because they are in or about to enter a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. Most traditional lenders will reject them for a car loan at this time. Other predatory lenders may take advantage of the client’s desperation and charge

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How To Get A Bad Credit Car Loan in Ontario

For most Ontarians like yourself, having a reliable car is a necessity. You need to be able to get to work, pick up groceries, and visit family and friends. If you have children, you need to get them to school and their extracurricular activities. The question

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Financial Scams to be Aware of

COVID-19 Scams   During world changing events scammers see their chance to play on peoples fear.  Please be vigilant with giving information and money at this time.   Text messages from the red cross asking if you would like free masks are a scam. Please do

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