Meet The Team

Maria Gomes
Financial Advisor
1-855-507-7277 Ext. 202

Maria displays integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of your car purchase. Maria has had a number of careers which include owning a restaurant, retail sales, real estate sales  and now helping you find the vehicle that affordably matches your lifestyle at Legacy Auto Credit . From the beginning and until you drive off, Maria will be a smiling face you will not forget. You will feel comfortable speaking with Maria because she listens to her customers situation and needs without judgement. Her customer service and welcoming personality are always available.

Vic Her
Financial Advisor
1-855-507-7277 Ext. 201

When Vic joined the Legacy team he brought with him years of financial experience, from life insurance and mutual funds to underwriting and mortgage consulting. With all this experience he recognizes a person’s finances are very personal and he has a knack for making you feel at ease when discussing all your financial information. Vic’s empathy for others able him to do this job with compassion. While working with Vic you will realize he cares for you and your family. From the first hello to the final drive away in your new car Vic will be your contact, someone you will be familiar with and answer any question or concern you may have. If you are lucky when you drive away you may just see his famous break-dance moves he’s known for around the office.


Wayne Henhoeffer

General Manager

519-507-2277 extension 102

Wayne Henhoeffer is Our General Manager here at Legacy Auto Credit. A company built with your best interest ahead of everything else. Wayne has found a way to find you the most affordable vehicle, while repairing your credit. 

Coming from an insolvency and Dealership background Wayne has mastered the ins and outs of credit repair and vehicle sales. This knowledge is shared with his team abeling them to use that in every customer we deal with.

While taking pride in his work accomplishments he is still working on negotiating skills when it comes to his morning routine of explaining to his boys why they can’t take the beyblades and hockey cards to school. Please email or call 519-507-2277 ext 102 to contact Wayne.


Mike Cook

Branch Manager / Underwriter

519-507-2277 extension 103

Mike Cook is the Branch Manager and Underwriter here at Legacy Auto Credit. Among many other things Mike is our in house credit specialist and takes pride in finding the most affordable vehicle for your budget while still helping you build your credit. You take the first step by asking for help, Mike takes the next step with making sure your vehicle fits your budget and you walk away repairing your credit.

When not tending to his hobby farm, Mike enjoys practicing for marathons, going on hikes, and planning for the next adventure with the wife and kids. Email or call 519-507-2277 ext 103 to contact Mike.


Meet the team

Jim Ferguson

Branch Manager

519-507-2277 extension…

Jim Ferguson is our newest Branch Manager in (Training) for additional branch to be added in 2020. Jim is bringing 12 years experience in counselling customers with debt restructuring and solutions. He consulted many people on consumer proposals and bankruptcies with solutions to help reduce their debt and gain financial freedom.

Jim is Certified in – Insolvency Counsellor’s Qualification Course “ ICQC”.  Counselled people on budgeting, and money matters as part of the bankruptcy and Consumer proposal requirements. 

We are happy to have him here to counsel our clients into their new credit improved lives. If you are looking for help but do not know where to start contact Jim and he will begin your process. 

When Jim is not in the office he enjoys catching up with his daughter in Toronto. He can also crush a golf ball and enjoys football Sunday.  

Please email Jim at or by phone at 519-507-2277 ext …


Meet the team

Rachel Bailey

Customer Service / Funding Expert

519-507-2277 extension 101

Rachel Bailey is our Customer Service Funding expert, Rachel processes funding applications from start to finish making sure everything runs smoothly with the package once the sale is final. 

Rachel has worked with reputable car dealerships, and insurance companies including Toyota, Kia, and has been at Legacy since the beginning. 

Rachel is a dog-lover and mother of two from Walkerton. Email or call 519-507-2277 ext 101 to contact Rachel.


Jennifer Livingston

Customer Service / Payments

519-507-2277 extension 104

Jennifer Livingston is our Customer Service payment specialist, dealing with everything from payment changes, customer concerns and insurance issues.  If you have a question about your vehicle and anything to do with it Jennifer is your first contact.

Over 20 years experience in the customer service industry Jennifer is able to help in any situation big or small while making you feel comfortable in your requests. Jennifer never passes judgement just offers solutions.

Jennifer enjoys her off time reading and relaxing at home with her children and four dogs. Please email or call 519-507-2277 ext 104 if you would like to contact Jennifer in regards to just about anything to do with your vehicle with Legacy Auto Credit.