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At Legacy Auto Credit, we believe that regardless of your credit history, good people deserve to have a quality vehicle that meets your personal needs and fits within your budget.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you on your road to credit recovery. With access to our large, 3 location inventory we offer used and new Sedans, SUV’s, Van’s, and Pickup Trucks of all makes and models. Our large inventory allows us to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle whether you have good or bad credit, or have filed a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy.

Although we work closely with our Affiliated Toyota and Hyundai Dealerships, we have access to all makes and models.

Quality and Safety

Never compromise safety for a lower monthly payment. Get the best of both from Legacy Auto Credit!

Some 100% Guaranteed Approval Auto loan companies will often entice customers with their “$0 Down” and “Guaranteed Approval” offers on vehicles that are unreliable with high milage, costing you more money on higher interest rates, and vehicle repairs.

At Legacy Auto Credit, we don’t give you just any vehicle, we get you the right vehicle. Our inventory is comprised of quality used and new vehicles with low mileage and remaining factory warranties. Our Dealer Trained Mechanics perform a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection to ensure they meet our high standards and help reduce repair and maintenance costs. All Legacy Auto Credit vehicles are required to have a minimum of 50% life remaining on brakes and tires.

Your Satisfaction Matters

No matter which vehicle you purchase, your satisfaction matters to us. Which is why Legacy Auto Credit offers a 15 Day Exchange Policy on our vehicles.

Be sure when you purchase your next vehicle, that it is the right vehicle for your needs. With our 15 Day Exchange Policy, you can rest assured that your investment is guaranteed from a dealer you can trust.