In House Program


Bad things happen to good people and
we want to help the good people get back
to mainstream banking and prime rates.


Our In-House program is built specifically for people who are dealing with credit issues that have required them to file a Consumer Proposal, or Bankruptcy. We also assist people that have no credit rating or a damaged credit rating due to missed payments, repossessions and judgements. 

The Benefits of


  • We only offer vehicles with low Km’s which allows you to drive a reliable vehicle at a low payment.
  • All clients will get the lowest possible interest rates – No outrageous 20%-30% rates here!
  • Term options 2-5 year.
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection helps reduce the chance of unexpected repair costs.
  • Legacy Auto Credit is a part of an automotive family that owns Toyota and Hyundai franchises.
  • We provide a plan to rebuild your credit.
  • 3 locations provide large selection and ability to source a vehicle that will suit your needs in your payment range.
  • Staff with past experience in debt restructuring through proposals and bankruptcy (we understand your situation).
  • We will work with your budget to ensure you can afford your monthly obligations. If you don’t have a budget we will assist you with one.
  • We report to Equifax, improve your credit rating over the term.

Get Your New Car in


Step 1: Contact Us
Our Program is designed to make it easy for you to get into a new vehicle today! Click ‘Apply Now’ to fill out your Contact information. One of our Credit Specialists will contact you quickly to collect simple information which includes vehicle preference and payment budget.
Step 2: Get Approved

Once we receive your application, we begin by working with you to confirm affordability by helping you establish a monthly budget. This will ensure you are able to make the payments and your other monthly obligations so you do not damage your credit further. We’ll then reach out to you quickly to give you vehicle options based on your needs and preferences.

Step 3: Drive Away!

You can drive away within a day or work with us to take your time. It’s up to you! It’s because of our super simple process that we can get you approved and driving in no time. Enjoy taking care and control of your finances while getting into a new vehicle from Legacy Auto Credit!


Click the button to be taken to our Inventory page where you can search for your new vehicle.

We Make It Easy to Get a New Vehicle!

Low Interest Rates

All clients will get the lowest possbile interest rates - No outrageous 20%-30% rates here!

Simplified Process

Simple application process and quick internal approval process!

Quality Vehicles

Large vehicle selection of newer models with factory warranty!

Financially Practical

All upfront costs are minimal and fully disclosed! No need to worry about hidden fees.


The Legacy Auto Credit Process

We Will:

  • Review income and expenses to determine manageable payments
  • Review your employment and residence history past 3 years
  • Review current debts (secured and unsecured) and your plan to deal with the debts
  • Review vehicle requirements
  • Select vehicle based on requirements and payment
  • Proceed with documentation and vehicle delivery
  • Provide financial literacy information to assist with rebuilding credit for future financial decisions and money management ideas
  • Report your payment history to the Credit Bureau

You Will:

  • Make all scheduled payments
  • Maintain your new vehicle
  • Rebuild your credit by following our Credit Recovery Program
  • Enjoy your new reliable and affordable vehicle from Legacy Auto Credit

Get Started Today!

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