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The key difference lies in the experience. At a traditional dealership, financing is often the last part of your discussion. After you’ve seen a few models, asked a host of car questions and possibly test driven one, the dealer will help you explore payment options.

At Legacy Auto Credit, the process is reversed. Our credit specialist works with you, with no sales people involved, and we respect your time and budget because we can empathize with your situation. A credible Financial Services Manager will ask you a series of questions to understand your credit situation and take the time to understand your credit before showing you available cars. After they understand your situation, they’ll show you cars that fit your needs and financial situation and provide advice to get you on the road to financial success.

We give you the opportunity to improve your credit. One of the ways to rebuild credit history is to make timely payments on an auto fincace. At Legacy Auto Credit, we actually report your vehicle payments to Equifax so you can establish or re-establish your credit. Over time, your credit score can improve.