Benefits of Legacy Auto Credit

Your vehicle is processed as a Lease for a reason. A lease gives you options not obligations.

  • We only lease vehicles with low Km's which allows you to drive a reliable vehicle at a low payment
  • All clients will get the lowest possbile interest rates - No outrageous 25%-30% rates here!
  • Term options 2-5 year leases
  • Multi point vehicle inspection helps reduce the chance of unexpected repair costs
  • Legacy Auto Credit is a part of an automotive family that owns Toyota, Honda and Hyundai franchises.
  • 4 locations provide large selection and ability to source a vehicle that will suit your needs in your payment range.
  • Staff with past experience in debt restructuring through proposals and bankruptcy (we understand your situation)
  • We will work with your budget to ensure you can afford your monthly obligations. If you don’t have a budget we will assist you with one.
  • We report to Equifax, improve your credit rating over the term of the lease. 
Benefits of Legacy Leasing